Teste seu inglês

“Teste o seu nível de inglês, fazendo o teste a seguir. São 30 questões de múltipla escolha que avaliam o conhecimento gramatical e de vocabulário. Caso passe para a fase seguinte (nível intermediário), são mais 30 questões. Seu resultado aparecerá automaticamente. Caso queira nos enviar também uma pequena redação, daremos um retorno mais detalhado sobre seus pontos fortes e fracos.”


Cross the correct answer:

1. ______ he a lawyer?

a) Does
b) What
c) Is
d) Can

2. Where ______ your parents from?

a) come
b) are
c) is
d) comes

3. A: "________ do you do?"
B: "I'm a salesman."

a) Where
b) How
c) Who
d) What

4. ______ name is Paula. She is my sister.

a) His
b) She
c) Her
d) Your

5. He is responsible ______ the contracts.

a) for
b) by
c) on
d) with

6. He _________ work here anymore.

a) isn't
b) does
c) do
d) doesn't

7. He ___________ TV now.

a) watches
b) is watching
c) is watch
d) watch

8. A: "How often do you practice sports?"
B: " ______________."

a) In the morning.
b) Football
c) Two times a week.
d) This afternoon.

9. A: "I don't like terror films."
B: "Oh, I don't like them _________."

a) too
b) films
c) also
d) either

10. A: Can I speak to Mr. Soares, please?
B: Just one moment. I'll __________ you through.

a) put
b) call
c) let
d) say

11. A:"_______________ a cup of tea?"
B: "Yes, thank you."

a) Would you mind
b) Do you like
c) Would you like
d) Can I have

12. I'd like to ____________ a double room for two nights.

a) sleep
b) reservation
c) book
d) hotel

13. How ________ sugar do you want in your coffee?

a) many
b) much
c) little
d) few

14. There ______ a lot of reports on your desk.

a) are
b) is
c) have
d) isn't

15. A: Are you ready to ___________, sir?
B: Yes, I'll have a steak and a salad.

a) go
b) command
c) eat
d) order

16. ______ you watch the news last night?

a) Have
b) Do
c) Did
d) Are

17. She __________ a new car yesterday.

a) buy
b) bought
c) receives
d) receive

18. Jane and Bob ________________ to the cinema tonight.

a) go
b) is going
c) are going to go
d) goes

19. I always _____________ hands when I meet someone.

a) am going to shake
b) shake
c) am shaking
d) shook

20. A: Can I help you, sir?
B: Yes, please. I'm looking ______ a present for my wife.

a) at
b) on
c) to
d) for

21. A: _________ book is this?
B: It's mine.

a) Whose
b) Who's
c) Who
d) What

22. These ________ parents.

a) is her
b) are her
c) is hers
d) are she

23. I think you _________ work so much.

a) wouldn't
b) shouldn't to
c) shouldn't
d) don't should to

24. Brazil is ______________ Uruguay.

a) bigger to
b) biggest than
c) more big than
d) bigger than

25. He is the ______________ man in the company.

a) more important
b) most important
c) as important
d) importantest

26. You _____________ help me if you don't have time. I can do the job myself.

a) aren't able to
b) don't have to
c) aren't going to
d) shouldn't to

27. You _________ park here. It's forbidden.

a) should
b) don't have to
c) can't
d) need to

28. _______ you ever been to New York?

a) Did
b) Will
c) Do
d) Have

29. Have you ever _________ a camel?

a) see
b) saw
c) seen
d) to see

30. I've been working here _________ 10 years

a) for
b) since
c) in
d) until

Choose one of the following topics:

1) Describe your present job.
2) Describe your hobby
3) Describe the advantages and disadvantages of living in São Paulo.